Sunday 24th: An Evening with Chocolate: A Cacao Ceremony and Education at O P E N Inspired Living

Thursday 28th:  Local Tree Medicine Workshop at O P E N Inspired Living


Sunday 8th: Sacred House Plant and Tree Walk

Contact: GLGibbons@gmail.com for more details and keep eyes out for FB event pages coming soon!


Plant Medicine Consultation

Are you feeling the call to break through the ‘green wall’ and incorporate the healing power of plants, trees or medicinal mushrooms into your life? The ancient wisdom contained within these beings allows us to gently and profoundly come into our greatest alignment on all levels.  Plant medicine allows us to heal on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  Together, we will let the plants speak, and allow your personal plant allies to emerge.

Initial Consult: $75-100 sliding scale (approximately 1 hour sessions)

Optional: Add nutrition guidance and game plan ($50)

Follow up sessions: $50-65/hr sliding scale


Medicine Making Guidance

Want to learn how to harvest your own medicine, create a potion, tea or flower essence? The art of medicine making is one of my greatest passions and I love sharing pearls of wisdom I’ve learned along my journey to create the most potent, effective, cost and earth-friendly medicine possible.

Prices vary.

Intuitive Personalized Tincture/Essence/Tea/Smoke/Smudge Blends

I will create for you a custom creation in whatever form calls to you, incorporating all of my medicine making skills and adding my own ritual magic touches along the way.

Prices vary.


Personalized Plant Rituals

 “Ritual is any action undertaken with intention and belief that grows powerful through repetition and connection.” –Sacred Smoke

Ritual allows us to create a portal from the divine into our 3-D physical world.  They serve as the foundation, allowing magic and manifestation to take form. Through these ancient offerings we allow ourselves to connect deeply to both our internal and external landscapes and bring fourth that which truly serves ourselves and the Greater good.

I am currently located in Boulder, Colorado where I am happy to meet in person.  For those not within physical reach, telephone and/or Skype consultations are a great option and work wonderfully!  A follow up e-mail with all of the recommendations we discuss will be sent following the consult for your records and reference.


Sacred Smudge Blend

Wild harvested and handcrafted ~ Click photo to purchase ~ $25 plus shipping

You will receive one 1.5 ounce bag (43 grams) containing a few of my greatest plant allies including Western Red Cedar, Juniper, Yarrow and Mugwort. Simply place the blend into any fire-safe vessel and light with a match or lighter. Unlike smudge sticks, which can burn too fast and too hot, you can really control the amount of smoke that is released with a blend like this.

I light mine each morning and night to start and end my day with intention, reverence and thanks. This amount should last many moons… ☽◯☾


Personalized, Medicine Bundle Care Packages

May include:  Ethically wildcrafted medicine handmade by Gina in the form of tincture, tea, elixir, beauty or bath products all made with deep healing intentions personal to you, stones/crystals, amulets, totem representations, guiding written stories, prayers to recite, rituals, personalized medicine songs, movement practices, breathing exercises, self-care goodies and *surprise items*.

How it works:  Each bundle includes a short consultation during which we will discuss your intentions.  If you wish to remain more anonymous, you can send me 3 words you are wanting to harness, cultivate, understand, or create more of in your life.

          For example:  ♦ Joy ♦ Intimacy ♦ Focus

 Sliding scale pricing: $20-50 plus shipping

If any of these prices are not feasible for you, I trust we can work something out, please do not hesitate because of  money.  We are in this together and where there is a will there is a way, so they say! 

Coconut Rose Cardamom Milkshake with Ashwaganda