I am a practicing, multi-faceted herbalist and healing artist located in Boulder, Colorado. I work with the healing power of ceremony, the sacred expression of song and dance and craft much of my own plant medicine while teaching others how to do so.  I spend much of my time directly working with the spirits of the land, connecting to the ancient wisdom contained within the natural world around me.  From this place of humble listening, I offer my gifts to the world.  I work on a deeply individual basis, and tailor each meeting to fit what it is you are seeking.  Typically, I simply help guide others to their greatest allies, possibly suggesting specific plants, rituals or songs that will help support their soul in this crazy modern world we live in.  If you feel inspired to connect and discover what is possible between the two of us and beyond, please reach out.  There is no doubt that when we gather, our potentials as individuals is magnified, and the path of stepping into full alignment with who we truly are is revealed step by step.



Raised between the gentle beauty and strength of Fir and Cedar trees of the Pacific Northwest, I found peace, protection and play within the deeply wooded, mossy land of my childhood.  Knowing nature as the greatest teacher, I have devoted my life to learning the Medicine contained within the exquisite life force that is Nature. For several years, I studied and attended school at Bauman College to learn about holistic nutrition, traditional forms of food preparation and how to most deeply nourish and heal ourselves from the inside out.  With a healthy, balanced diet as the foundation, I was called to pursue the study of self-expression through movement, dance and yoga.  I moved to the land of presence and Pura Vida (Costa Rica) and studied there while my life transformed much like the crashing waves and pulsing humid jungle I was amongst.  Eventually, I found myself swimming in the same ocean, but hiking through a different rain-forest, one of the last remaining temperate rain-forests in fact on Vancouver Island, where I attended school for herbal medicine at Pacific Rim College and became a Certified Community Herbalist.

It was on this magical island, that one of my greatest passions of service as not only a bridge between worlds, but a match maker between humans and plants fully formed.  My heart at home on the island, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and put myself in the Sonoran desert to learn and connect with the desert plants first-hand.  There, I served as an herbal apprentice in Tucson, Arizona, working directly with the plants as we wild-crafted medicines, created healing formulas in the apothecary and  journeyed to the spirit center of these sacred allies in various forms of ceremony. The following winter, I returned to the humid and diverse jungles of Latin America, where I continued my study of plants, sacred ceremony and human heart connections and how connecting these parts of ourselves is the most nourishing thing we can do.  I lived with people who lived deeply connected to the land and learned much from my travels.  I continue to live a fairly nomadic lifestyle, as all corners of the earth seem to beckon me.  I travel to different gatherings and festivals all over the world, many of which are focused on plant medicine and healing our connection with the land.  I have learned from teachers reaching far across the globe including Frank Cook, Darcey Blue, Sean Donahue, Sarah Wu, Kiva Rose, Jim Mcdonald, Matthew Wood, Susan Weed, Guido Masé, Robert Rogers, Seraphina Capranos, and Yarrow Willard.  I am grateful to share my wisdom and experience with you.


forestfloor1-1024x680 (2)

Peace found on the forest floor~British Columbia 2014